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Drug Crimes
Though it may be referred to by many names, such as pot, grass and weed, possession of marijuana is a crime that carries a range of punishments and consequences. With the change in the California law, growing marijuana at home could be a serious crime or not a crime at all. Mr. Sheldon handles cases such as possession, drug cultivation, drug possession for sale or trafficking. Some of these charges may be considered a felony or misdemeanor. However, it is critical that individuals understand the seriousness of charges.

Bail reduction and O.R. (signature) releases are often required at the beginning of criminal cases. Knowing the "release personnel" in the jail, and the appropriate law to cite to the court often results in the release of a criminal defendant at a great savings of money.

The conviction for a felony charge, robbery, burglary, rape, or similar charges, can have life long consequences. Mr. Sheldon applies all legal maneuvers to avoid such convictions and reduce or eliminate jail time sentences.

California passed the "three strikes" law in 1994, which stipulates that a second criminal felony offense can double your time in a state prison. A third criminal conviction of a certain severity and type could easily result in 25 years to life. Mr. Sheldon takes these case very seriously.

White Collar Crimes
White collar crimes are non-violent crimes that are usually committed by individuals in business or in positions in which they have access to financial information or direct access to funds.

Violent Crimes
Being arrested for a violent crime is a serious matter. It is particularly grave when the offense is also categorized as a felony, as you may be at risk of facing a strike on your criminal record if you are convicted.

Sex Crimes
Many sex crimes are punishable not only by imprisonment and fines but also by sex offender registration. This means, even after the convicted sex crime offender has served his or her time, that he or she will be at risk of social ostracism, difficulty finding employment and limited housing or financial opportunities.

General misdemeanors (so called minor crimes) can still result in devastating consequences. Petty thefts, assault and batteries, and being under the influence of a drug can cause jail, serious peril to your record, and other consequences. Some people simply take position that there's nothing that can be done. That is seldom true. Contact Mr. Sheldon for candid evaluation.

Domestic Violence
The nineties have seen an epidemic of domestic violence cases. They sometimes result from a common misunderstanding between loved ones. They later find the system won't allow them to "kiss and make up." The court and prosecutors create sentences grossly disproportionate to the act. Call Mr. Sheldon and learn of some of the states required terms of a sentence. These terms can still often times be avoided.


Drugs and Alcohol
– Drunk Driving
– Possession
– Drug Offenses

Court Services
– State
– Federal
– Juvenile
– Military

Violent Crimes
– Murder
– Theft/Armed Robbery
– Assault & Battery
– Domestic Violence
– Terrorist Threats
– Illegal Weapons Possession
– Vehicular Manslaughter
– Hate Crimes

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